Pedal Personalities: Jeff Prince

October 8, 2022

Jeff Prince Honors Eight Epic Members of the Pedal Community

This weekend, Jeff Prince will hit the road for the daunting Arkansas High Country Race. Beginning and ending in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this ride spans more than 1,000 miles across three states and more than 75,000 feet of elevation.

His “Ride for the Eight” is in honor and memory of members of the Pedal Family lost to cancer this past year: Brendan Davis, Tammy Linn, Bill Jehling, Nick Porter, Olen Dobkins, Ron Rolfes, Sandi Essner and Crystal Mersch.

“These people were epic people,” Jeff says, “So this ride is a reflection of them.”

Jeff is no stranger to long distances – during Pedal weekend this year and in 2021 he tackled each Pedal the Cause course consecutively, riding more than 400 miles in a three-day window.

Jeff has set a goal to raise a minimum of $2,500 for each of the “Eight” for a total of $20,000. You can support his fundraising efforts and follow his progress across all 1,000 miles HERE.