Breakaway Award

July 1, 2022

Teri Griege Honored with Pedal the Cause’s Dan and Sheila Timm Breakaway Award

Pedal the Cause is proud to recognize Teri Griege as the second-annual recipient of the Dan and Sheila Timm Breakaway Award. Presented each June, this prestigious award recognizes outstanding fundraising achievements and steadfast support for cancer research.

“Sheila and I are honored to present Teri with this award,” said Dan Timm. “Teri embodies the spirit of the Pedal community and has done so much to promote awareness and funding for cancer research.”

Since 2010, Teri Griege has raised more than $584,000 as an individual, and an even more impressive $2.6 million with her team Powered by Hope. She has recruited hundreds of participants, reached thousands of donors and she is known in the community as a fiercely committed and inspiring leader.

“Teri’s contributions to Pedal go beyond the enormous impact she’s made with her fundraising,” says David Drier, executive director of Pedal the Cause. “As a cancer survivor and avid cyclist, Teri has championed this cause wholeheartedly, giving hope to so many who are fighting.”

In addition to her role as captain for Team Powered by Hope, Teri Griege is one of the founding board members for Pedal the Cause and the founder of Powered By Hope, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing hope and education to cancer patients.

“It is an honor to be part of the Pedal the Cause Family and truly special to be recognized with the Breakaway Award,” shared Teri Griege. “I am incredibly grateful to my husband Dave, my family, friends and teammates for always cheering me on and being part of this journey with me.”

In cycling, the breakaway specialist moves quickly, fast ahead of the pack to demonstrate their strength and agility. In French the term is baroudeur or adventurer, as the specialist must take a leap of faith and truly exert themselves to gain momentum and excel in the most challenging of scenarios.

The Pedal the Cause Dan and Sheila Timm Breakaway Award annually honors an individual(s) whose passion, leadership and extraordinary efforts to create a world without cancer have fostered the spirit of innovation, hope and empowered positive change in the lives of those faced with a cancer diagnosis.