Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Pedal the Cause is laser-focused on our mission to create a world without cancer – all cancers, for all people.

We are dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as we listen, learn and proactively build the foundation for intentional shifts in our organization, our culture and the partnerships we cultivate throughout our community. We will use DEI as a lens through which we Pedal Forward and recognize that we can accelerate our mission with our commitment to the diversification of people, partners, ideas and investments.

We have identified four key pillars we will focus our efforts:

  1. Organizational Diversity: To ensure diversity of the board of directors, leadership and staff of our organization. This can be addressed by how we recruit, retain, develop and invest in our leadership and employees.
  2. Community Accessibility: To create strategic partnerships throughout St. Louis to expand our reach and to foster equitable participation opportunities for all people, pursing the inclusion of our entire community and eliminating barriers to entry.
  3. Supplier & Vendor Diversity: To seek and engage diverse suppliers and vendors as part of our purchasing and event planning practices. As invested community partners, we want to drive economic inclusion and opportunities for all.
  4. Equity of Research Investments: To continue to add to the economic and socioeconomic development of our city by attracting and funding a diverse pool of talented researchers to St. Louis to live, work and raise families in our community, and to invest in cancer research initiatives designed to reduce and eliminate health disparities.