Pedal Personalities: Mike Weiss

April 1, 2022

Meet the mastermind behind Pedal’s courses!

If you’ve participated in Pedal the Cause as a rider, then you have Mike Weiss to thank for the carefully-crafted courses we offer each year. As the owner of Big Shark, he’s no stranger to the robust St. Louis cycling scene and an expert on the best rides in the region.

When creating the menu of course options for Pedal the Cause, there are many factors and types of riders to consider.

“The biggest challenge when considering the route design for Pedal the Cause is in how you create cycling experiences for an incredibly diverse group of cyclists,” Mike shares. “PTC attracts some of the region’s best cyclists AND some people that are completely new to cycling. Each group has both similar and different concerns- and we try to make sure that there is a concentration on safety and support for the shorter distances, while being sensitive to the needs of the seasoned endurance athlete.”

“One of the most interesting things about PTC is that the unifying cause is not a cycling experience, the ride is the tool, if you will, and the method – the reason for riding is much more powerful than ‘just a bike ride.’”

Thank you, Mike, for making Pedal possible and for your incredible support each year!