Pedal the Cause raises millions for cancer research

September 25, 2023


ST. LOUIS – Another year of Pedal the Cause is in the books, but the fundraiser continues through the end of October.

Craig Stiegemeier is a cancer survivor.

“In 2012, I was diagnosed with a melanoma,” Stiegemeier said. “That’s why this ear’s a little funny shape. They cut it off, but it had metastasized and spread. I lost a golf ball-size piece of my brain. I lost a right kidney, and all my lymph nodes were full of cancer.”

He learned about the impact of Pedal the Cause firsthand, and he rides and volunteers every year.

“Pedal the Cause was a big sponsor in all this out-of-the-box cancer research,” Stiegemeier said. “Immunotherapy is one of them, and it was just FDA-approved a few months before I needed it, and now it’s my 11th ride.”

Around 3,000 people took part in the cycling events on the course, and hundreds participated virtually. There were also around 700 volunteers.